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How to make responsible use of artificial intelligence? Learn more in our MOOC!


The largest regional alliance for ethical and responsible use of technology

fAIr LAC is a partnership between the public and private sectors, civil society and academic institutions, designed to influence public policy and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the promotion of the responsible and ethical use of AI.

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Five tools for the application of the ethical principles of artificial intelligence in all phases of a project


Pilots are projects with AI components that have been developed by the IDB and its partners and implemented with the help of our hubs.

They have a dual purpose:


To systematize the lessons learned from applications where AI helps create greater social impact.


To create a cooperative environment so that projects may be scaled and emulated in the region.



BID Lab, el laboratorio de innovación del Grupo BID, se suma a los esfuerzos de fAIr LAC para fortalecer los nexos entre emprendedores, datos y capital a fin de ofrecer recursos para el despliegue de una IA ética y fiable.

Conoce todos los recursos que tenemos para emprendedores, inversionistas, incubadoras, aceleradoras y demás actores de los ecosistemas emprendedores de la región.

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