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IDB Lab leads the actions of fAIr LAC related to entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems through activities and resources that strengthen the deployment of AI-based solutions based on a framework of trust, transparency, and non-discrimination.

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The entrepreneurial Journey helps to incorporate AI ethical principles into the technological solutions of entrepreneurs from seed stages to those who export their technologies to other markets.


Ethical self-assessment

  • Identify ethical risks in your AI model, system, or product
  • Receive actionable recommendations for the development of your product
  • Establish a roadmap to incorporate ethical principles into your business model
  • Rate and compare your technology solutionwith companies in your industry


  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge about AI ethics for businesses
  • Boost the skills of your technical, legal, and business teams around border issues
  • Meet the new ESG+ criteria shared by pioneering investors and startups
  • Take the first step to achieving AI solution excellence


  • Modules for Acceleration Programs
  • "Train the Trainers" Program
  • Specialized sessions and webinars on data science, machine learning, and ethics
  • Mentoring

Acceleration and Academic Programs



A unique opportunity

AI Ethics Self-Assessment

  • Know your business profile as it relates to responsible technology development
  • Get actionable recommendations to improve your operations
  • Recommendations and mentoring
  • Develops explainable, transparent products that respect user privacy

Network of experts at your fingertips

  • Access our network of international experts for responsible technology development
  • Participate in our events and activities aimed at companies that develop technology
  • Meet other successful entrepreneurs who are marketing responsible technology

Benefits for Your Company

  • Cutting-edge knowledge for companies
  • Receive mentoring and advice to incorporate an ethical AI approach into your business through our programs and activities
  • Get ahead of the curve and trends in data regulation and AI

fAIr LAC recognition

Please participate in our calls, challenges, and acceleration programs to get the fAIr LAC Badge for participating in the Entrepreneurial Journey.

Conduct an ethical self-assessment to generate a roadmap that allows you to prioritize including ethical principles in your AI solution strategically.

The people behind the technology

We are a diverse network of professionals and experts who, from academia, government, civil society, industry, and the entrepreneurial sector, want to promote an ethical application of AI in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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