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AnaBiza - Salud

Description of the service

A digital thermometer with more than 33 graphs and 76 indicators of COVID-19 evolution in Colombia and the world

Problem that it solves

To use data in the decision-making of individuals, companies, and institutions according to the evolution of COVID-19 in Colombia.

Type of AI app used

Anomaly detection and early warning (event detection), Predictive systems (forecasting)

Main results to June 30, 2021

Sharing the solution with the media, health entities, and the general public as a pilot model to show how to take 4RI solutions to everyday business.

Three main bottlenecks faced during implementation

  1. Technical knowledge
  2. Lack of experience about the tool within the learning curve
  3. Change in the database structure by the National Health Institute (INS)

Lessons learned in the design or use of AI for social impact

  1. The power of data for decision-making
  2. Connecting data to analysis tools
  3. Tracking figures for the 1124 municipalities in Colombia.

Country of origin


Geographic scope of operations

Barranquilla and Cali

Type of executing entity




Sustainable Development Goal(s) to which your AI solution contributes

3 (good health and well-being), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 17 (partnerships for the goals)

IA app developed internally or by a third party


Name of implementing entity

Observadores Col

Stakeholders involved


Percentage of the development team that are women


Year they started using AI-based models

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