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Description of the service

Identification of possible technical and open smuggling behavior in LATAM.

Problem that it solves

Smuggling is a problem that affects and threatens mainly consumers because it exposes them to counterfeit, altered, and unapproved products (pharmaceuticals and food). It also affects lawful companies with unfair practices generating losses and impacting formal employment, and the government tax collection.

Type of AI app used

Events detection (anomaly detection and early warning), Reasoning with knowledge structures

Main results to June 30, 2021

Identifying companies with possible technical smuggling behavior, quantified in units of products entering the country and their respective amounts. Identifying amounts of money and product quantities not registered in the country that left the origin country.

Three main bottlenecks faced during implementation

  1. Data access and data quality
  2. High data cost and high processing cost
  3. Changes in data access legislation

Lessons learned in the design or use of AI for social impact

  1. Stakeholder involvement
  2. Scalability
  3. Access to funding

Country of origin


Geographic scope of operations


Type of executing entity



Industry and Commerce

Sustainable Development Goal(s) to which your AI solution contributes

1 (no poverty), 8 (decent work and economic growth), 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure), 10 (reduced inequalities), 12 (responsible consumption and production)

IA app developed internally or by a third party


Name of implementing entity


Stakeholders involved

Customs administrations, tax administrations, foreign trade regulators, associations, consumer associations, police, and others

Percentage of the development team that are women


Year they started using AI-based models

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