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The Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, an entity that has led the AI agenda in the country, supports fAIr LAC Colombia.

What is the fAIr LAC Colombia project?

fAIr LAC Colombia aims to produce a high impact on the generation of public policies and digital transformation projects in the country’s public entities that use AI systems. It also seeks to promote access and dissemination of knowledge that can impact the AI implementation and rollout process in the country and the region.

Our framework: Hub objectives

1. Support the implementation of the Colombian AI Ethical Framework and the ethical standards for using Artificial intelligence.

2. Technically assist Artificial intelligence projects and solutions implemented by public entities in the country to mitigate potential ethical risks.

3. Promote the responsible adoption of Artificial intelligence in the private sector, with specific emphasis on the entrepreneurial sector.

4. Assist in the definition of governance of the country’s AI policy, helping to promote dialogue between diverse sectors and supporting essential projects such as Colombia’s AI Expert Mission.

We work in four dimensions:

1. National Policy for Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (Conpes 3975)

Conpes 3975 of 2019 reflects Colombia’s AI Strategy. The Hub seeks to publicize the policy strategies and to contribute to implementing key initiatives for the ethical and responsible use of this technology in the public sector.


2. Colombia’s AI Ethical Framework

The ethical framework provides a guide of recommendations that gathers international practices to address the formulation and management of projects related to Artificial Intelligence use. It is the first ethical framework of a Latin American country.


3. Dashboard

The Hub supports the design, development, and implementation of the dashboard developed by the Colombian government to monitor the application of the ethical framework by public entities.


4. Expert Mission

The Hub has supported the development of an AI expert mission composed of national and international experts focused on talent, employment, and sustainability.


Ethical framework implementation projects

The Hub has also supported public entities in the analysis of AI projects and solutions, establishing measures for the responsible use of this technology:

  1. Detection of anomalies in the documentary verification process in cash transfer programs – Department of Social Prosperity.

To know more about fAIR LAC Colombia pilot projects, visit our Pilots site: