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fAIr LAC Jalisco is an initiative led by IDB Group, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, the Government of Jalisco, and C Minds

Tiene como objetivo aprovechar la adopción responsable y ética de la Inteligencia Artificial para el bien social en Jalisco

What is the fAIr LAC JALISCO project?

fAIr LAC Jalisco is an initiative led by IDB Group, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, the Government of Jalisco, and C Minds that aims to leverage the responsible and ethical adoption of Artificial Intelligence for the social good in Jalisco, through the articulation of academic, civil society, the public and private sectors to build capacities, boost the social reach of AI, and take advantage of the impact of technology for more efficient social services.


The fAIr Jalisco Entrepreneurship component intends to transform society by solving some of Jalisco’s most significant challenges through Artificial Intelligence in one of Latin America’s most dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystems.

The activities developed are:

  • AI Startups Acceleration Program
  • AI Talks
  • AI and Venture Capital Responsible Integration Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Analysis of the Jalisco AI entrepreneurship ecosystem
Programa de Aceleración de Startups de Inteligencia Artificial (PASIA)

PASIA Program

The Artificial Intelligence Startups Acceleration Program (PASIA, Programa de Aceleración de Startups de Inteligencia Artificial) seeks to boost the skills of entrepreneurs and their startups to transform society by solving complex challenges with cutting-edge solutions by ethically and responsibly using AI in some of the priority verticals in the agenda of the State of Jalisco (Health, Education, Environment, and Digital Transformation of the Government), to accelerate startups within the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the region.

The following are the Priority Verticals for the State of Jalisco. A group of researchers is developing AI solutions to address the problems identified, so it is therefore desirable –but not indispensable, that startups work in any of these areas:

  • Health. As an example, Mexico is one of the countries with the highest incidence of diabetes, with 7 million people affected.

  • Education. Mexico has serious dropout rates in secondary education.

  • Territory, climate change. AI can support the interpretation of satellite imagery to understand land use.

  • Digital Transformation of the Government. AI can be a catalyst and accelerator of the digital transformation of the Jalisco government.

IA Talks

AI Talks

AI Talks seek to democratize and raise awareness about the AI potential in social entrepreneurship and daily activities, which we did not imagine had room for AI.



The objective is to introduce entrepreneurs and startups to multiple AI tools or techniques they can involve in their current processes. Jointly with practically consolidated companies, we will seek to enable this knowledge transfer.

Each month we have a free talk with experts on AI.