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Future Up

Future Up

According to a McKinsey study, almost 60% of the tasks carried out in Costa Rica are highly automatable, which is why the re-skilling and up-skilling strategy needs to be developed

Problem to be solved:

Access to information and skills development programs aligned with the needs of the productive sector that allow Costa Ricans to focus on those highly required skills to turn Costa Rica into a talent hub. 

Populations that are affected by the problem

Actively economic force from 15 years to 50.

Current response to this problem, considering related institutions.

Training programs are currently being designed, however, the reaction time is not as fast and effective as required. It is necessary to generate a concept of learning for life and continuous learning in Costa Rica so that it understands that the current economy is constantly changing and the ability to learn to unlearn.

Proposal to solve this problem using AI:

Make skill development suggestions to participants based on people's abilities, interests and experiences, allowing new windows of learning to be experienced. The suggestion enables them not only to understand the skills they should focus on but also what possible financing programs should an investment be required. This platform should be able to become a continuous development plan for the participants, allowing them to explain that the current globalization and economy suggest that continuous education practices and permanent skills development be adapted.

Main AI challenges identified:

Sector knowledge, advice on artificial intelligence, infrastructure and data governance, and communication and awareness



Labor markets


Costa Rica

Executing Entity



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